Saturday, September 12, 2015

Notes from my OpenIndiana file server experiment with ZFS 

zpool create -f data-pool raidz c4t1d0 c4t2d0 c4t3d0 c4t4d0 usermod -G 
zfs set sharesmb=on 
cat /etc/dfs/sharetab 
smbadm join -w passwd 
smbadm list 
idmap remove -a 

So far so good with 4 1TB WD Blue disks (Although RHEL 6 smbclient has some serious issues with OpenIndiana SMB impl..hint hint) 

data-pool 11.0M 2.59T 10.4M /data-pool 
rpool 21.7G 892G 196K /rpool 
rpool/ROOT 5.15G 892G 144K legacy 
rpool/ROOT/openindiana 668K 892G 3.79G / 
rpool/ROOT/openindiana-1 5.14G 892G 3.73G / 
rpool/dump 8.00G 892G 8.00G - rpool/export 1.72M 892G 152K /export rpool/export/home 1.57M 892G 152K /export/home 
rpool/swap 8.50G 900G 136M -

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