Friday, November 9, 2012

IronKey data loss

Key Points
1. Never use an IronKey again
2. Wonder why IronKey uses FAT32 as a 'safe' partition type...with the expense, why not include a small capacitive charge to safely protect data on a proprietary, fault tolerant file system...?????
3. Once your data gets corrupted, use dd_rescue and photorec.  I love these tools, they saved me tons of time and $$.

Steps to recover data:
1. mount the partition in linux with the ironkey app
2. don't examine the files!!!!!
3. use dd rescue immediately and save the usb partition to an image file
4. change the image file to read-only
5. use photo-rec to carve out the files you want (un-select all file types, then select only the ones you are interested in)

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